Reve deep. No additives, no preservatives.

Ninety-five per cent of the ingredients in the UMA line come from natural and minimally processed sources. All the treatment has the EcoCert ® COSMOS ORGANIC certification.

Make ageing arrive as late as possible

With the profound effect of the vegan hyaluronic acid and the oil of Baobab, together with the power of the aloe vera, the Serum reates and regenerates the lines of expression, the marquitas and delays the appearance of signs of aging.

Returns the natural brightness, with no excess brightness

Regula the texture of your skin all day long without extra make-up or constant washing. You'll have your face fresh, light, and radiant.

Hydration suitable for all types of skin

No matter if you have mixed skin, dry skin or fat, the Serum Reparator of the UMA line acts by allowing your face to return to its natural balance, without overly hydrating it.

Manufactured in Spain

We manufacture all our products in Madrid, Spain. Our raw material is organic and obtained responsibly.

Tested on sensitive skins

Tested dermatologically in 150 participants The Cleaner Gel is safe no matter what kind of skin!

An unforgettable unboxing experience:

With the purchase of 2 or more products from the line you will receive our premium package, in a reusable box, with your products wrapped in a gift silk handkerchief

Sustainable Packaging:

The Serum Reparator is packaged with recycled glass. Our tapas are from bamboo produced responsibly.

100% apt for vegans:

All of its ingredients are from sustainable and organic agriculture and are ruthless-free.