When we think of Affya we think of space, happiness, tranquility, culture, learning, union, world, sharing, routine and above all experience.
We think that we are on a journey that allows us to meet ourselves, but at the same time we will meet local people from each place we travel, so that we can tell us about their traditions and thus be able to delve into each culture and understand the day to day Person. 
Affya is inspired by that traveler who wants to go knocking on doors to get to know her, but above all, to understand what we are made of and to show that no matter the nationality we have, nor the culture that characterizes us because while we are surrounded by the purest thing about nature, we are benefiting as human beings and the planet.
Everything is born from the quest to find and unite the natural in the daily routine of each person. Sometimes humans worry about diseases that can reach our lives, but we don't stop to think about our biggest organ that is our skin. Affya believes that the daily routine can influence the energies of your day to day as through natural, organic and vegan ingredients you will feel cared for in an environment inspired by good vibes, which only needs 5 minutes of your day. 
Combining the thought that we are acting well and for our own benefit define what Affya would be.
When the name was chosen, a word was sought that described all the things that encompass what is to be conveyed, and in the search for the "perfect", came the word welcome, "acoglienza" that represents a lot since we are surrounded by cultures so much Venezuelan, Lebanese and Italian where we are used to sharing family, that moments are respected and unique, to receive people frequently since we love to make those around us feel at home, to value the moments since they are unique and unrepeatable and to understand that the simplest thing is what will make us happier. However, the word welcome was not "name" for a brand but Affya, which comes from the Lebanese dialect, means welcome or welcome and want to make everyone who arrives feel at home.