Your trust has made us happy!

Thank you very much to all who have trusted us until today. Over the past few months we have wanted to make you partakers of the illusion and energy from which Affya was born. Now that we are a few days away from receiving the four products of The UMA Experience line, we believe that the time has come to explain how we got here.

Have you ever felt that it was energy that guided your decisions? In March 2018 I went to volunteer in New Delhi to teach English to the children of a neighborhood in the city. I wanted to know the place, get out of the routine and face a situation that was new to me, but unintentionally, there I found much more than little ones eager to learn. I found the final impulse I needed to create Affya.

Imagine in a place where you don't know anyone, where the rules by which things are governed are not yours and you have not yet had time to assimilate them. That's how I felt the first day I went to school, until the children came out to welcome me, smiling, with yellow flowers that I had never seen in their hands

A part of me changed at that moment, seeing myself surrounded by so much positive energy, of happiness made me spread it. Weeks passed and I had to go home, but who returned was not the same person who had left six weeks earlier to India, she was a woman convinced that she wanted to undertake and carry out a brand of different, more responsible cosmetics. In addition, he brought with me a secret weapon, the star ingredient of the first collection, the ylang-ylang, that flower that the little ones brought the first day between their fingers to welcome me.

Whether by chance or destination, that was not the last time I found that flower. One of the happiest days of my life and in a very different context, ylang-ylang reappeared. Its yellow leaves were the first thing I saw when I entered the room where I was going to spend the first night of my honeymoon, it turns out that this flower not only serves to welcome, but is also used to symbolize the union in marriage.

Little by little time was passing and the decision to create Affya Organic was taken. Although to say that the route since then was a path of roses, is to tell only half of the truth. Starting a new project is not easy. Getting here has been the consequence of much effort. We have had to learn about logistics, materials, ingredients, certifications, bureaucracy, negotiation, web pages, social networks and many other things that I omit for not getting bored ... In this way there have been good days and bad days, but it would not change even one of the steps we have taken because although it has been hard, we have come here.

In a few days you will receive in your homes a box with the products of the first natural and organic cosmetic line of Affya. The choice of the ingredients that make up The UMA Experience has not been casual, and neither has the name of this collection.

UMA, means bright in Hindi. But it does not only refer to beauty. It is a word that girls are told a lot so they know the power they have. Again I found in India another ingredient that I wanted to introduce in all our cosmetics, empowerment. It seemed impossible, until I realized that anyone can be strong, especially if you spend time on it.

Our desire is for Affya to become those ten, fifteen, twenty minutes a day that we all need to disconnect, think about ourselves and empower ourselves. Maybe that's why we think that the first line should have four products focused on hydration and cleaning, because to be happy you first have to get rid of the bad and then focus on the good.

All this is what lies behind our brand and our products. We are born with the illusion that each person who comes to us can soak up a bit of our experiences, our multiculturalism and the loop of emotions that has brought us here. From this moment, we can only thank you all for having given a vote of confidence to Affya Organic throughout these months. Having your support throughout this process has helped us remember when we needed it most that there is another way of doing things.

To all of you, UMA.

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