A 5 minute routine

Did you know that meeting yourself can influence the rest of your day?

We know how fast we want to leave the house early, which even gives us time to eat breakfast and that, our constant rhythm sometimes leads us to not have a facial routine. What we don't know is that those 5 minutes that you dedicate to your skin, giving you the feeling that you are taking care of yourself can change your behavior towards others for the rest of your day.

- Relax, find your peace in the mornings that hardly begins your day and what better than being all day smiling, also accompanied by a radiant and luminous skin. You will catch the eyes and attention of many because nothing captivates more than that duo: smile and perfect skin. -

At Affya, we are faithful believers that the energies with which you leave home or wake up in the morning influence everything good or bad that you can attract, which is why combining the Serum with the moisturizer that contains the Ylang flower - Ylang, "the flower of good humor", every morning and even at night to close with a gold clasp you will keep your skin taken care of, protected from contamination, healthy, free from suffering from external agents, bright and even get rid of early wrinkles You will change your mood and not only are you protecting yourself from the polluted environment, but you also contribute to maintaining a toxic-free nature and in turn feel part of it and most importantly ... you will belong to this incredible community!

There is nothing like spending time, and with time we mean those 5 minutes that you will invest applying our products. No more, but I assure you that even the appearance of fatigue will disappear.

We dare you to do the exercise, either when you wake up or go to bed do not stop cleaning your face and take care of it, time passes and does not turn back. No matter how rushed you are or very tired, once you have converted your routine to your rhythm of life, it will be part of you and not only you will see changes but the people around you will notice it.

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Me encanta y me inspira a pensar que incluso yo (que soy muy vaga para estas cosas) lo puedo conseguir y con ello, conseguir sentirme mejor y que otros también me vean así. Desde mañana empiezo a cambiar mi rutina mañanera :)

Valeria October 13, 2019

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