Your organic-vegan experience has arrived before CHRISTMAS !!

Hello friends. I don't know how to explain how excited I am. This last week has been a real madness but, the products of The UMA Experience line are here! In a very short time, if you have not already done so, you will receive a box in which you will find some cosmetics that we are truly proud of and something that is not so visible but hopefully it reaches you, all our illusion and energy With which we started this project.

Those who follow our activity through social networks have already seen how our boxes and the packaging of our products are, but do you know the reason for each thing? In this little post I want to explain each of the details that you will find in your order. Spoiler: nothing you will see is a coincidence.

The first thing you are going to see will be our cover letter, our box. The colors are inspired by nature because all our products come and go from it. In addition, you will see our logo, formed by two united efes that form a door, the entrance to a new experience next to our name Affya, which is a word taken from a Lebanese dialect that means “welcome”.

Open our box is to get carried away with a new experience. An experience that as you will see begins with a touch of Japan, a place that was a beautiful experience for me. From there I took the idea that to avoid using more packaging than necessary I could use a furoshiki, a piece of cloth that began to be used in the fourteenth century to transport and protect all kinds of items. What we liked most about this system is that it is reusable and not only as a slide, but also as a neckerchief or to give a more pleasant touch to a bag or a simple ponytail.

Within the furoshiki you will find directly the products that you have ordered, either the complete experience or individual items. We have tried to avoid a second packaging for each cosmetic, using more things than necessary do not go with our style. This does not prevent that in each product are the indications to achieve the best results and the list of ingredients.

All our products are inside recycled and recyclable glass containers with wooden lids. Finding the best packaging for this first line has been complicated, but in the end we decided on glass and bamboo. The latter is used in many cultures to symbolize longevity and to channel positive energy. Our idea is that you put the cream, the serum, the cleanser, the mask or the whole pack in a space of your house that helps you connect with yourself and that when you open the lid every day you feel how the energy circulates.

And that's it. We believe that everything you need to get in touch with The UMA Experience is inside our box that we have prepared individually thinking of each one of you. We have put in these first containers a large part of the adrenaline we feel after reaching the end of these months of work; A good part of our illusion to have achieved a line of organic, vegan and natural cosmetics that we are really proud of and, finally, a lot of love so that you feel comfortable using each of the products.

Along with all this, and as a last detail, you will find a message that is dedicated especially for you, for having been at our side in these beginnings and for trusting us.

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