This Christmas gives five minutes a day of relaxation

Christmas is one of the times of the year in which we spend more time thinking about others. Not only because we have to worry that all lunches and dinners with friends and family go well, also because we have to find a way to surprise our loved ones with a detail they like.

Among the most common gifts that are made on these dates are clothing (who has put on a pair of socks for his father and a cute scarf for his mother?) And technology. But in recent years, there are many who have tired of always giving the same, to base our life on material things. We want to go one step further to avoid that our gift is not forgotten in the closet and we choose to choose something more durable such as experiences and moments.

Christmas is a perfect time to show a person that you love her. There are those who say “I love you” to a friend, a family member or the couple find it easy, but others this word is choked as much as they feel. Finding a gift that you know someone is going to love is a way to show how much you care. The perfect gift says that you have been able to put yourself in the skin of the other person, you have been able to see what he needed or that would make him excited.

The perfect gift is one that supposes an experience and demonstrates that the person who receives it is important to you. How do I get something like that? It is very difficult to find the perfect detail that fits with each person, but nothing is impossible. What if that surprise comes accompanied by a promise to start the year in a different way? We believe that this can happen if you decide to give one of the products of the collection The UMA Experience of Affya. Starting 2020 by sharing natural cosmetics is a way of telling your loved ones and the world that among your New Year's resolutions is to make a change in your consumption habits and that you would like to be accompanied on this path.

A few days ago the Madrid Climate Summit closed, in which many countries met to address the climate crisis. Although to completely solve this problem, a firm commitment from the great world powers is needed, each of us, as users, can also make small gestures that help take care of this planet. At one of the meetings that were held during this event, Christmas was discussed, more specifically the wrapping paper that is very exciting, but that is intended to last less than a minute in the hands of the person receiving the gift. In one of the days, an alternative was proposed to reuse boxes or reusable bags that, in addition to being able to be used for any other gift, can have a second life.

Without knowing that this would be a topic of conversation this Christmas, we chose a box to pack our products that does not need any additional decoration. And although in some cases our packaging is already being given a second life, if you don't do it, we encourage you if you have already received your product package, use this package to surprise Christmas or Reyes.

This Christmas choose to give a moment of calm in the busy daily routine of your loved ones. Force them (in the best sense) to stop at least five minutes each day to think about themselves, relax and feel comfortable with themselves, sooner or later they will thank you.

We also take advantage of this publication to wish you all a happy holiday season, surrounded by all the people you care about and full of magical moments. We hope to be able to join us in these familiar dates and in all the special moments of your life. You know, it's never too late to welcome new experiences and other more sustainable forms of consumption.

Merry Christmas!

Featured: This Christmas choose to give experiences. Show your loved ones that you love them without resorting to the classics that are left in the closet. Bet on sharing energy.

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