Why organic?

Beauty is something ephemeral. As time passes, our skin cells lose elasticity, water and collagen and inevitably fall into the aging process. Chemicals that include many cosmetic products offer good results in a short time, but do not offer long-term artificial results. Throughout history it has been shown that natural ingredients bring great benefits to the skin, that's why Affya has opted for organic cosmetics.

All our products are certified by one of the best companies in the market, ECOCERT. For us, having the COSMOS ORGANIC seal is not just a way to differentiate ourselves from other cosmetic brands. It is our way of telling the world that we believe in the benefits of nature, that we care about how the ingredients of which they are made are grown, how they work with them, they are stored and finally how they get you home.

The process to achieve this certification has been long, but with this we guarantee that our creams, cleaners, masks, serums and any other products meet a series of requirements that we consider fundamental:

  • All ingredients are organic and natural.
  • Its cultivation respects existing resources and the environment
  • The people who work on them are treated properly
  • Our containers are recyclable
  • We participate in the development of the so-called green chemistry.

Having the support of the most prestigious ecological and natural cosmetics certification in the world is our commitment to you. This recognition that we have sought with our first line (The Uma Experience) will be present in all the products that we elaborate in the future.

At Affya we also want to differentiate ourselves from some brands that in recent years have been protected under the adjective of organic or vegan, as an advertising claim. In most cases, their products only have a small percentage of natural ingredients, accompanied by many others of chemical origin. Our certification requires that 99% of the compounds we use be of natural origin. We do not want to appear to be a brand of natural, organic and vegan cosmetics; We are and we have a qualified company behind that confirms it.

If you are interested in knowing if the products that claim to be organic-vegan really are, we recommend you look at the list of ingredients, which in cosmetics is called INCI by the acronym in English of International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient. It must appear, by law, all cosmetic compounds ordered according to their presence in the formula and an asterisk next to each ingredient of ecological origin.

Getting your support in these first steps is very important for all of us who are part of Affya. We are very grateful that they believe in us and want to be part of this great change, for this reason, we are committed to putting our grain of sand in a concept of natural beauty, without barriers and in which you are the protagonist. Will you let us accompany you?

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