On the side of the entire Affya team, we would like to wish you a Happy new year 2020, to make it at least as good as the previous one.

For us, 2019 has been a year full of excitement and many changes. In January we embarked on this little adventure with which we wanted to contribute to a change in daily cosmetics with the help of organic and natural products. Until almost the end of summer we have had to decide the textures, colors and components of our products. In November, we started receiving the first products from our supplier and got to work to ship the first products. In the last month of December, in addition to continuing to send the batches to those who trusted us during the first days, we have made a route through pop-ups of Madrid and Barcelona with which to publicize our work. It's definitely been an exciting year!

Although if we look back it seems to us that we've been up with a crazy pace in the last few months, the truth is that we wouldn't change a minute. This experience, and the good reception on your part, drives us to continue to grow and spread our message through every corner of the world in 2020. 

We hope that during 2020 all the wishes you have for this new decade will be fulfilled. Do you remember what you were like and how you felt in 2009? You've probably changed, and a lot in all these years. These first steps in the new year is a starting point for new experiences and adventures. Don't be overwhelmed because they happen now, give time time and enjoy the moment. He thinks that every day a new door of opportunity opens, and that while sometimes things may not go as planned, there are 366 doors that will open this year.

Moreover, with this new decade not only new challenges open up for us, but also for the planet, which is deteriorated by human activity every day. 2020 is a new opportunity to propose a change of habits and consumption, which is more respectful to the environment. From Affya we encourage you to pursue your challenges, but in a more sustainable way. The alternatives are there, you only have to propose to choose the most natural and recyclable alternatives. Prioritize quality over quantity.

We are committed to doing everything in our power to reduce the impact of our cosmetics. This ranges from continuing to produce natural, organic, vegan, toxic-free and animal-free products; even give you ideas to reuse each of the boats, the box and the furoshikis that will come along with your order. In 2020 we will use imagination to give all our packaging a new life! 

Finally, we would like to thank you again for the trust you have placed in us. Many of you have already told us how THE UMA EXPERIENCE line has become part of your routine. We encourage you to continue sharing your feelings with us so that you can continue to grow and travel together.

PS: light a candle with us so that together we reach all corners of the world and that more and more of us are betting on a natural, organic and vegan cosmetics.

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Me ha encantado ¡A por esas 366 oportunidades!

Paola January 21, 2020

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